"The Genre Gypsies"

Red Roots Music founder and singer/songwriter Michael Fabrizio started FnF in 2014 after a solo career spanning over 10 years. Fabrizio and the Fever, dubbed "genre gypsies," have opened for a variety of recognized bands including Boston, Trigger Hippie, Sleeper Agent, Robert Randolph, Craig Morgan, Raelyn Nelson, Lewis Brice and many more. Fabrizio's songs have appeared on podcasts as well as radio stations and TV shows in LA and have won numerous song competitions including "Best Love Song" from the Paramount Music Awards. Fabrizio also was an actor and has appeared on four episodes of ABC's "Nashville." The band shot a New Years Eve special with NBC in 2016 in Bowling Green KY. These guys are top notch musicians, songwriters and showman with a flavor for all your tastebuds. Find out more www.fabrizioandthefever.com 


"Rock n soul sister"

From the official website...


I have been singing since before I can remember. I could sing every word and every line to every song on every radio station my parents ever put on. I fell in love with the way music could make me feel and the way it could say exactly what was on my mind at that exact moment. Music has always been a safe place for me to go, I still take long drives to listen to songs that will make me cry, laugh and want to scream, all at the same time. The songs that I will be releasing this year are a story of catching the guy, loving the guy, losing the guy, getting over the guy and finally rebounding and moving on from the guy. The 5 stages that I felt so deeply.


There was a long period of time in my life that I didn’t feel like what I had to say meant enough to share with the world. Finally, I got the push and the confidence I needed to have the courage to put my songs and soul into the world. I hope you can relate to me, can cry with me, and dance with me through these songs.


These 5 songs are just the start. I can’t wait to keep sharing my stories with the world.


I’ll see you soon, Williams 


"The Rocker"

Lewis Brice is the younger brother of country super star Lee Brice. Older brother Lee has called Lewis, "The Mick Jagger of Country Music." They may be close but Lewis brings a magic all his own. Dynamic and energetic Lewis Brice gives every audience more than their money's worth. Find his hit single "Best Ex Ever" on CMT or listen on Sirius XM "The Highway" now! Lewis has opened for notable acts such as Lee Brice, Randy Houser, Jerrod Niemann, Chase Rice, American Young and more. He is currently (Nov 2017 continuing his radio tour across the USA) Find out more at www.lewisbrice.com 



True Villains bring back the good old days of rock n roll with a young, hip twist. Lead singer Beau Lastavich's vocals are legendary and the bands original material is seriously impressive. The music is TIGHT and the stage is entertaining. They're song "Cut Me Loose" is now out! As well as a 6 song EP! https://www.facebook.com/TrueVillainsNashville/



Rachel Horter is a singer/songwriter living in Nashville,, TN. Growing up in Kentucky and Indiana, she began her love for singing and entertaining from an early age that continued into her high school days. After graduating, she decided to put off college and  move to Nashville to pursue her dream of becoming an artist. 


Since then, she has played at iconic Nashville venues and events, also enjoying her weekly gig at Blake Shelton’s Ole Red in downtown Nashville. She had the opportunity to tour in Germany,and one of her most memorable shows was an opening performance for country music legend,, Loretta Lynn. Rachel also had a feature of three songs in Hallmark Channel’s Christmas movie, “Switched for Christmas,” starring Candace Cameron Bure as well as placements in four more Hallmark Christmas movies in 2018. She enjoys recording covers for her YouTube channel, which has garnered her over 2 million views and tens of thousands of subscribers. 


In addition to her love of singing and performing live,, songwriting has also been a special part of Rachel’s journey. Her music style incorporates all things country, adding pop influence mixed with some soul, and she is always writing and preparing for her next project. Her debut EP,, “Lucky” was released in May 2019 and is available now on all platforms.


"Born to Play"

One of the best songwriters out there in our opinion...Others have said...


This is a place where people from all over the world can gather under a single digital roof and swap stories of what they've experienced while listening to Matt Mackey's music. Some have climbed mountains, some have made love, and others simply make it the soundtrack to any drive over two hours.

Mackey has said, "I was born several years ago. In months 11, 14 and 1 respectively I picked up skills like walking, talking, eating, etc. I'm WAY bigger now than I was then. People kept giving me microphones and instruments, and I kept taking them. Now I use bars and the internet to give people a chance to listen to what I make when I put all of those microphones and instruments together."


"Soul Rockers"

New to the RRM family these guys are insanely good. Energetic, fun, entertaining, full of authentic rock n roll soul. 


"Smooth and wavy"

On their latest release...

“In The In Between” is a collection of songs written over 9 years (2011-2019) that have, for one reason or another, stood the test of time. These songs have followed us from Dubois, WY where we met in late 2010, to the Studio I & II apartment complex behind the Colonial Liquor Store on 8th Ave in Nashville. These songs followed us while we fell in and out of love with one another, and these songs were the common thread that sewed up our hearts and held us together. These songs took on a whole new life, energy, and purpose after meeting our guitarist, Luke Marshall, at a Kentucky 4-H seminar.


These songs have been sung in dive bars, theaters, living rooms, and everywhere in between, all over the country. They’ve been kept alive by our fans that have requested them throughout the years, somehow knowing every word even though they had never been recorded. These same songs have also been called; not good enough, not commercial enough, not happy enough, not sad enough, and not “enough” enough by folks we’ve surrounded ourselves with in the past.


These songs gave us the courage to make this record. Our fans gave us the reason.

This one’s for you, 

Steevie & Jon & Luke


"Nashville Rock n Rolla"

After leaving his home state of Iowa, traveling the world, touring over 200 days per year with a band called, The Effects and opening for bands such as the Kings of Leon, Shinedown, Foreigner and the Toadies, Jeffrey Danger made the decision to “live the dream” and eventually landed in Nashville. He hit the studio between tapings of MTV’s music competition, American Supergroup where he eventually became a finalist in the competition. Following the release of his self-produced solo album, Krantz joined forces with Erik Theiling (bass), Tee Tallent (keys) and Adrian Flores (percussion), who he met on the Broadway circuit. Together they bring a psychedelic/pop/rock edge equipped with an in-your face attitude, intertwining, provocative lyrics, and authentic, no-holds rock and roll. Krantz embraces frantic ecstasy and introspective depths, alternating between crazy antics, a dash of face paint, and a meaningful look within. The new record takes on several personalities, drawing influences from pop to reggae to artists including, The Beatles, Weezer and T Rex, among other golden age rock acts.


"American Idol finalist"

Sarah is a singer songwriter who was born in Canada and moved to North Carolina as a pre-teen. She appeared on AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 4 (under her maiden name, Sarah Mather) and made it to the finals. After her departure, she moved to NYC, where she met her Grammy-nominated producer husband, Ernie Lake. She took a brief break from music to start a family. Reenergized after the birth of her two children Sarah was ready to continue pursuing her career. After spending some time and falling in love with Nashville, they decided to move the family there in early 2017. She released her EP The Ride in summer 2016. The video for her single "The Ride" went to number one and stayed there for four weeks on the CMT Artist Discovery Program. She is looking forward to raising her family and growing her career down South where it all started. 


"Songwriting Powerhouse"



"Rock City"

Digital Brains is a rock band based in Nashville, TN. An original blend of Punk, Metal, and Rock.


Drummer Corey Boise is a wild man, he brings a power and punk attitude to the stage that is infectious.


Bassist Danny Faillo lays down solid, melodic groove that is no doubt a product of his Chicago musical bloodline.


Singer and guitarist Adam Shoenfeld throws down Green Day-esque tones, scorching leads, and sings memorable, melodic, and emotional lyric.


Separately, the trio has traveled the world and made their musical mark. Together, they are a musical force to be reckoned with.


"Soothing Country Pop"

Bonner Black began her life on stages as a classical ballerina. She danced as senior member of the Academy of Classic Arts in Huntsville, Alabama and won scholarships to dance with the Eglevsky Ballet in NYC along with several other prestigious professional companies.  


She began recreationally learning to play guitar at home from YouTube at 12 years old. Two years later she had written over 50 songs and asked her parents if they might let her take vocal lessons in Nashville.  After her second lesson, her vocal coach sent her to NSAI to nurture her songwriting. Bart Herbison, director of NSAI immediately took interest and became a huge champion for Bonner. A year later she resigned from the ballet company. Bonner Began writing with hit-makers such as Philip White, Will Rambeaux, Danny Wells, and recorded a country/pop album produced by Danny Wells.


A year later she recorded her second  album produced by Will Rambeaux. She began taking frequent trips to Washington D.C with Bart Herbison working on legislative reform for creators, played for dozens of Senators and Congress members, and sat on a congressional panel with the Recording Academy at 16 years old.

In 2012, at 17 years old, she moved into her first apartment in Nashville and found work as a karaoke hostess at Lonnie’s Karaoke Bar in Printers Alley. She continued to write with top industry writers and played multiple shows at the Blue Bird Cafe, gained a residency at The Listening Room, and performed other renowned Nashville Venues as well as touring the southeast.


In 2013 she met Bluegrass artist/writer Katie Mae Smith and in 2014 they formed a Renegade Country duo named, Little Honey. Over the next two years they recorded and released several songs and toured the southeast opening for the likes of Charlie Daniels, The Band Perry, Mel Tillis, Lee Greenwood and Shooter Jennings until 2016.

Bonner then reestablished her solo career and began writing by herself, rejecting more and more cowrites. At the end of that year she was asked to perform at the Time Center in New York City by  The Oxford Center of Entrepreneurs where she won the Artist Entrepreneur award for her work.


Bonner independently released her single, “Someone New”, produced by Americana producer, Evan Seiling on June 21st 2017. Singles, “Sell Me on California”, and “Nothing To It” followed in September 2017 and March 1st 2018. Bonner is now mainly the sole writer of all of her songs which is a rarity for most Nashville based acts. Her music is a combination of authentic southern roots, fluid pop melodies, and poetic yet conversational lyrics. She is currently playing with her band and recording new projects coming in 2019.


"Sultry Guitarist"

After a fire destroyed his home in 2009, Lenny Pey moved to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue a career in music. He gained fame when he and a friend recorded “The Girl Is Mine”; a video that went viral on YouTube and led to his appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2010. 

In 2011, Pey wrote “All of My Tomorrows” with Colt Ford, which was released on Ford’s 2012 Declaration of Independence album. The song topped the charts and Lenny received a Billboard #1 Award.

In 2012, Pey signed with Streamsound Records, a label founded by Grammy-award winning producer Byron Gallimore and Jim Wilkes. Pey’s debut music was recorded under a stage name and produced by Byron Gallimore and Tim McGraw. Pey toured with McGraw during the Two Lanes of Freedom Tour and opened for Vanilla Ice in front of 70,000 fans. 

Pey is presently endorsed by Laney Amplification and working on upcoming projects in the studio, capturing his style and sound for his debut album. His single “Tug of War” will be available on all music platforms this February for streaming and download.What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...



Hailing from Milwaukee, WI Jordan Burmeister and Joe Neary relocated to Nashville in 2013 since then they've been taking the city by storm. Within months of the move they were finalists in the Music City Big Break, winning over the judges and audience alike. They've also been finalists in the Lightning 100’s Music City Mayhem contest, not to mention the numerous past awards/recognition they received back in their hometown of Milwaukee, WI, which included a Radio Milwaukee Music Award nomination and being named the WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) 2014 New Artist of the Year. No matter where Doublecamp goes, their fans follow.  


"The Groove Shakers"

You may recognize Johnny Hayes from Team Adam on NBC's "The Voice." His entertainment value is as true as the heart in his chest and the voice from his soul. Johnny Hayes formed himself a group of MOVERS and SHAKERS with the Loveseats. These guys are a GOOD TIME band, full of energy, passion and great music. Johnny's voice is silky smooth and then hits you with some rocknsoul with "My Baby Drinks Wine." They'll have you moving from the first note.. Find out more at www.johnnyandtheloveseats.com 


"Southern Rock at it's Best"

The debut EP from Bone Feather Moon's on Fire has landed. It's been called "Deep Purple gone Dixie". This five-track collection of songs is a powerful and gutsydebut effort from a band who's equal parts young, hungry songwriters and seasoned, symbiotic performers. Chris Stapleton, Leroy Powell, and other prolific writers have penned songs the EP. Of Moon's on Fire, lead singer Michael Shaun Brown says, “There is nothing that has ever been captured in our history to represent who we are more than what this body of work does. The raw, distinctive energy that was poured into every single track expresses how hard we work to be the very best that we can be. Bone Feather is officially here, and we are definitely here to stay.” 

Bone Feather is a multifarious Southern rock 'n' roll outfit based in Nashville, TN. Hailing from all four corners of the country, the band was led to the smoky dives of Music City five years ago where they started playing consistently and forming their own unique sound. Bone Feather is already making a splash in Nashville and beyond, bridging the genres of Rock and Country seamlessly. With a catalog of brand new material under their belts, Bone Feather is now poised to reach beyond the honky tonk scene and bring their electrifying sound to the national and international arena.


"Grunge Country"

Evan Lee comes to us from the Milwaukee, WI area and is a relative new-comer to the Nashville music scene. In only two years in Nashville he has wowed audiences with his confident, unique voice and heartfelt, upfront lyrics. Evan is currently working with the Rock n Roll Basement to produce more music. Check out Evan's catalog at www.rnrbasement.com 


"The Australian One Man Show"

Carl Wockner was named the first and ONLY Australian artist to ever win Top Honors at the International Acoustic Music Award’s 2015 (USA), along with top of the AAA category for the release of his new album Crayon Days with producer Michael Flanders in Nashville TN. Wockner has skipped up the charts with his first two single releases receiving high rotation to national radio in both Australia and USA. The same album has received a 2016 IMA (Independent Music Awards) nomination for Best Adult Contemporary Album.

Carl Wockner is from Australia, Carl Wockner can sing. Carl Wockner can play the drums. Carl Wockner can play lead guitar. You get the point right? This guy can do it all and actually does IT ON STAGE! Playing with a loop pedal Carl is able to replicate the sound of a full band all BY HIMSELF. He's a one man show with staggering stage presence. For more information check out www.carlwockner.com/au 


"a new age version of The Doors"

Saint Dorian is a musical entity based in Nashville, the brainchild and lifelong vision of songwriter/singer Bennett Keenan. The project was first ignited by the creative spark between Keenan and pianist Matthew Vero.

The pair recorded a demo of “Come Over” in the basement of Mike Craft’s home (of Big Machine Label Group) in May 2017 and released it on Soundcloud. The demo garnered enough local attention that they were able to record their debut single, Fucked Up American Dream, and release the corresponding music video in November. The video, shot by director Emma Golden, racked up 1,000 views in less than a month with barely any promotion, just as the single itself went live on streaming platforms on December 31st.

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